We at Blue Diamond masonry specialize in installing Cambridge, nicolock, and unilock paver patios. Interlocking pavers come in a large variety of patterns and colors to compliment your home. We install our borders on cement for strength and pavers on a crushed concrete/sand base for proper water drainage. We now provide polymeric sand in between the pavers to ensure you will never have insects or weeds to maintain. This extra process guarantees your patio will be beautiful for many years of maintainance free enjoyment.
Concrete and Bluestone / slate are other options that will provide a beautiful look as well as being maintainance free. We only use top quality cement and stone when installing your new patio.

Building a new home can be intimidating for homeowners and can be a chore when building a spec. When we hired Blue Diamond Masonry it took some of that stress away. With their vast resources and professional, knowledgeable staff we have been able to save money, keep jobs on schedule and gain important insight about proper installation methods and procedures. All this, combined with their high quality workmanship makes them stand out above other masons in the industry.

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